Natural Refrigerants (R477/CO2) Compressors

The EcoThermics compressor is the critical enabling component for transcritical CO2 heat pumps which bring energy efficiency to new applications and markets.

Our Company  OUR COMPANY

As a pioneer in the development of natural refrigerant heat pump technologies, EcoThermics Corporation provides high value CO2 compressors, a critical component for CO2 heat pumps. Ours is the ultimate clean technology.



Our Staff  OUR STAFF

EcoThermics has assembled a management team with proven success. Our world-class scientific and technical team includes distinguished faculty as well as experienced and talented engineers.



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EcoThermics has assembled a diverse world-class team with experience from basic lab research, computer modeling, design and production engineering through volume production.




EcoThermic Case Study Video

New home office and new R&D center – We continue to grow!

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EcoThermic Case Study Video

EcoThermics Case Study -- short version

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EcoThermics Eco2Boost heat pump

EcoThermics Eco2Boost® heat pump water heater running at Country Maid

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EcoThermic Transcritical CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater With CO2 compressor

MULTISTACK presents a transcritical CO2 heat pump water heater with Ecothermics CO2 compressor

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EcoThermic Transcritical CO2 Compressor Presentation

Ecothermics, presenting their new transcritical CO2 compressor for a heat pump water heater

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EcoThermics featured on – EcoThermics featured on global website which focuses on the benefits of natural refrigerants such as CO2.

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EcoThermics has joined forces with Woodbridge International – EcoThermics is seeking to identify and select the best growth capital option (limited to accredited investors only).

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EcoThermics will again be a Bronze Sponsor of the 4th annual ATMOsphere America 2015
The Business Case for Natural Refrigerants in North America which will take place on 25 & 26 June 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. With an expected 300-350 attendees, this promises to be the biggest ATMOsphere event ever organized.

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Multistack – displayed the latest system featuring EcoThermics AT80SH compressor at Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.

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EcoThermics / Multistack – Swash Plate CO2 Compressor for Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater – As a world-first premiere, US-based compressor manufacturer EcoThermics displayed its innovative CO2 swash plate compressor currently available in the range of 5–40 hp. It is built into Multistack’s new “HS Transcritical Heat Pump Water Heater”. While the COP has not been officially confirmed yet by AHRI, Multistack is sure the CO2 hot water heater will be 3-4 times more efficient than comparable models using Freon.

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