Natural Refrigerants (R477/CO2) Compressors

The EcoThermics compressor is the critical enabling component for transcritical CO2 heat pumps which bring energy efficiency to new applications and markets.

Our Company  OUR COMPANY

U.S. based EcoThermics Corporation envisions a family of CO2 compressors which are differentiated from other compressors by a scalable axial swashplate design platform, a much simpler compression mechanism with improved drive and lubrication mechanics and a robust suction and discharge valve design – resulting in cost, space, performance, durability, noise and vibration reduction advantages for OEMs in a variety of system applications.



Our Staff  OUR STAFF

EcoThermics has assembled a management team with proven success. Our world-class scientific and technical team includes distinguished faculty as well as experienced and talented engineers.



Our Partners  OUR PARTNERS

EcoThermics has assembled a diverse world-class team with experience from basic lab research, computer modeling, design and production engineering through volume production.




EcoThermic's compressor brochure

EcoThermics CO2 compressors provide a competitive & financial advantage over traditional heating & cooling solutions.

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EcoThermic's 40 hp test video

EcoThermics tests its latest 40 hp compressor at speeds up to and beyond 60 Hz.

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EcoThermic Case Study Video

EcoThermic's new home office and new R&D center – We continue to grow!

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EcoThermic Case Study Video

EcoThermics Case Study -- short version

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EcoThermics Eco2Boost heat pump

EcoThermics Eco2Boost® heat pump water heater running at Country Maid

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EcoThermic Transcritical CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater With CO2 compressor

MULTISTACK presents a transcritical CO2 heat pump water heater with Ecothermics CO2 compressor

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EcoThermic Transcritical CO2 Compressor Presentation

Ecothermics, presenting their new transcritical CO2 compressor for a heat pump water heater

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EcoThermics will again be a Bronze Sponsor of the 6th annual ATMOsphere America 2017
ATMOsphere America is returning to California, a forerunner in natural refrigerant adoption, legislation & incentives, serving as the leading forum for discussion about the business case for natural refrigerants in North America.

ATMOsphere America 2017 details


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